Songs from MMario

MMario is known across Mudcatlandia as a kind soul, a smart System Administrator, and a lover of Renaissance Fayres.  Few realize he is also a talented songwriter.

Here is an MP3 to demonstrate:

Sir James' Reply  was first posted in a thread way back in December 1999, called "Mudcat's Songbook?".  The post was made the very day that Àine's Mudcat Songbook was first linked to the Mudcat Quicklinks list by Max. It is a beautiful and heartfelt love song on the Renaissance model.

On the 19th of June, 1997, at an ungodly early hour Mudcat Time, Alan of Oz first posted his beautiful song called The Wolfhound in a thread by the same name.  The thread also explores in depth the ancient legend on which this song is based in a typically spirited Mudcat discussion.
MMario first reported singing it in public on the 23 of March, 1999, and he has been singing it ever since.

Here is his rendition of Alan of Oz' The Wolfhound. 

Thirdly, MMario has graced us with a beautiful Toast for the New Year, first seen in a Mudcat New Year's thread.

Last but not least he has lately provided us with the mysterious Lullaby for a Borrowed Child