Songs from Bert

Bert Hansell acheived Mudcat renown as the co-host of the long-running Mudcat Internet Radio program, where he would provide comments on interesting threads and generally act as an honest foil for Max's sometimes diabolical humor.  Occasionally he would kick off the radio show by singing a song, and he was the first person I had heard other than myself who could perform the "Woad" song complete.  He was also elevated to Mudcat fame by Catspaw who started one of the 'Cat's best fiction threads -- Steamboating in The Albert Haskell

Bert is also a fine songwriter in his own right. 

Here are two MP3's of Bert performing.

Your Pickle Glows at Night  was a spin off from some whacky dialogue in a Song Challenge thread.  Although it was written by Amos, Bert has made it his own and performs it whenever he's in mixed company (:>)).

Size Doesn't Matter is Bert's own invention, posted in a Songwriting thread in 1998